How future computers will look like is difficult to predict

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How future computers will look like

is difficult to predict, but twelve solid research scientists hope to lead to transistor replacement.

The scientists who will develop future computers.
future computer
Universities around the United States has been able to apply for some prestigious grant for research that will lead to technology that will replace today’s transistors. The goal is thus not improving the current technology without finding entirely new building blocks for future computers.

Total allocated about 132 million out of twelve different research programs in nanotechnology.

Two of the funds have gone to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where researchers will try to create a computer that is similar to our brain with millions of cores and an advanced network. Another research team will develop a solution called Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata, where transistors are replaced by molecules of extremely low power consumption.

The money comes partly from the National Science Foundation, and from NRI-Src association that represents the chip manufacturers IBM, Intel, Texas Instruments, Globalfountries and Micron Technology.

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