Chrome 36 Here are the main Features of the new Chrome

The main innovations of the new Chrome 36

Google released the Chrome 36 version of its browser, among other things, provides better stability.

Chrome 36 was released for Windows, Mac and Linux. Already using Chrome browser will be automatically updated to the new version. Among the main features include greater stability at a crash and improved performance.

Google Chrome 36 New Features!

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Distance work requires the right conditions

Many organizations are hard pressed by the current recession, shrinking margins, the need to update its IT infrastructure and finding staff with the right skills.

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Jobs travel – despite the investments in video conferencing

News Almost all agencies report that they have invested in technology to reduce the cost of travel. But the result is still awaited.

As many as 98 percent of the Swedish authorities say they have invested in technology for video and telephone conferences during the past year. But despite it chooses two thirds still to travel away to take a meeting. Continue reading…