Sony SmartWatch 3 Comfortable and discreet watch

sony smartwatch 3 review

Sony releases the third major manufacturers a new smartwatch, and perhaps it is surprising that SmartWatch 3 is as simple as it is.
SmartWatch 3 has neither a surprising appearance or some particularly surprising features.
The look is a bit more streamlined version of its predecessor SmartWatch 2, with the same rectangular screen with rounded corners and without any direct eye-catching details. The bracelet has a new design, with a style that looks more like a workout bracelet than that of SmartWatch 2. What you get with either black or white and rubber-like silicone resin. It is surprisingly comfortable, and actually this is the smart watch so far as we disturb us at least that lugging around with. Continue reading…


The most popular apps to have on the Homescreen

most popular apps

BetaWorks has released an app called #Homescreen, with which users can share content on their home screens. From this we can see which apps are most popular.

Top Apps Of This Week

Top appsWhich apps do you have on the homescreen of your iPhone? There was wondering developers BetaWorks, who believe that far more have the same reflection. Therefore, they released #Homescreen app that allows you to share content on your homescreen with the world.

By collecting data from all shared apps, Beta Works been able to present the most popular apps – a collection that shows how the home screen looks like all the most popular apps to have on your homescreen.

45-65 percent of users have replaced Apple’s apps. One of the most popular categories of apps to add where is the chat pins. Facebook’s Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Path are all common.
Facebook has any app (Facebook, Messenger, Paper or Instagram) 68 percent of all shared home screens.


New technology enables you charge wirelessly no power cords

The wireless community is approaching – soon we can do most things without wires. Power cords, we are certainly not of even, but the future looks promising.

One of the most common annoyances are the common wires. The winds and adds tripped, and additionally collects dust at a rate that could lead one to believe that it is their main task. Today, there are techniques to transport the majority of signals between our gadgets without cables, and such as WiFi and Bluetooth are available in most homes. Continue reading…