Tracker Mapper now you can see who is tracking you online

Tracker Mapper See who is tracking you online

The Finnish security company F-Secure announced Tracker Mapper, a tool that visually and in real time, showing who is trying to track your activities on the Internet. The tool is an addition to F-Secure’s popular VPN and Tracking Protection Freedome.

Tracker Mapper was developed to meet the demand of users of Freedome to see what tracking attempts blocked by the program. Continue reading…


9 smart apps for your Apple Watch

Apple Watch is anything to have Without apps

Take a look at these 9 cool apps that show how fast technology advances.

Better Works
Better Works allows companies using wearables to connect employees around common goals. For example, a sales team to use it in order to stay updated on the progress of the team, but also keep track of their own goals. Continue reading…