Rumors of the new Apple gadgets released this fall

What new Apple gadgets released this fall

We have taken a look at same rumors in order to figuring out what new Apple gadgets released this fall.

New iPhone with bigger screen

First in line is is most probably some major upgrade of the iPhone. Analysts expect larger screens, the most often mentioned is a model of 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch. The name is believed be the iPhone 6, but it has also been rumored for the iPhone and iPhone 6 Air for the larger screen. Continue reading…


Video Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Compares With Macbook Air

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 compares with Macbook Air

The American software giant sets Surface Pro 3 to Apple’s ultra-portable computer in a new advertising campaign.

After a series of commercials in which Microsoft compares their tablets with the iPad, it is now time for the three films in which Surface Pro 3 Compares With Macbook Air.

In the first film, we learn that Microsoft’s flat tablet can offer everything that the Macbook Air, and more:

In the second film lifted the benefits of touch screen, detachable keyboard and Point pen in the front:

Finally, we learn that the Surface Pro 3 is powerful enough for programs like Photoshop:

To top it off, Microsoft offers $ 650 discount to American customers who want to replace their MacBook Air from a Surface Pro 3 How many people have jumped at the offer date is unclear.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Reviews


Next year ends on the support for Windows Server 2003

In July next year ends on extended support for Windows Server 2003. Expect extensive upgrades in server halls.

If less than a year, it’s time: Support for Windows Server 2003 is repealed. Considering how important security is for servers should mean several upgrades. And there is a big installed base to graze, in the form of approximately twelve million servers running the old Windows version.

Bottom line is that the need for upgrading can mean a real boost for server sales, which had been shaky in recent years, because it teaches require new servers to run modern operating systems. Among the options for those who upgrade include Windows Server 2012. Though Linux is a possible solution in some cases where it does not require Windows Compatibility for applications to be run.
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