Classic Shell Brings Back Windows 7 Classic Menu

Do you miss the good old Start menu from Windows 7 but want to keep everything new in Windows 10? How can you get a more old-fashioned menu.

Classic Start Menu

Not everyone is happy with the changes in Windows 10 – and we mean not only Microsoft’s aggressive marketing. For the same reason that many users kept Windows 7 when Windows 8 and 8.1 was released, there are still dislike the Start menu in Windows 10 (even though they are happy that at least it’s back).

Would you return to a more traditional Start menu in the style of Windows 7, or even Windows XP, you can test the software Classic Shell. It is free, but the developers are asking for donations from satisfied users.

When you first start the program, nothing happens, but if you click Start, open the application settings instead of the Start menu. Close and open again to display the Windows 7-like menu is standard in Classic Shell.


If you want to set, you can simply right-click on Start and select Settings. The program has three variants: “Classic” look much like XP, “Classic with two columns” recalls XP but also Vista, and “Windows 7 Style” looks almost exactly like Windows 7. You can also change how the Start button looks out (one of two preset selection or you fix).

In the other tabs in the application’s settings, you can set other things, which automatically revert to Windows 10’s standard Start Menu if you switch to tablet mode.


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