Smart Desk is challenging Microsoft’s Surface Studio

Dell Smart Desk

Now give Dell into the fight for creative PC users and do so with the futuristic Smart Desk.
It was during Adobe Max event that Dell revealed its new creation, Smart desk. A PC targeted at customers who use the computer for creative professionals.
Seemingly might Smart Desk looks like a pure copy of Microsoft’s upcoming Surface studio. But this is not necessarily the case. Continue reading…


Video calls in Whatsapp try now

video calls in Whatsapp

The popular messaging service Whatsapp is about to get support for video calls. It is revealed in a beta of Android version, made available to participants in its development. buddy you want to call and select video call to start such. Make sure you are using version 2.16.318 or later only. Continue reading…


GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Best Action Camera 2016

Gopro hero 4 black edition review

With an action camera, you can capture super cool events you’ve never been on film otherwise. Here are the best action camera right now.
Gopro thrive on top – GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition.
Right or wrong – Hero 4 Black is the uncrowned but undisputed king of action cameras. Are you asking anyone to name an action camera, you probably answer Gopro, and Black is the sharpest in the statement. Continue reading…


Choose your Rgb color Code with Google

Now you can find the code for the color to the web or printed directly on the engine.

Want heading in precisely that emerald hue? Or should the background of the poster have exactly the same raspberry red color as the background of the web page?
Now it’s easier than ever to develop codes of different colors. Continue reading…