Four apps that make you more productive

Apps that make you more orderly


There are many tools to make you more efficient. Smart Evernote outperforms example notepad.

In Evernote, make a note on your phone, computer or tablet, and access it on all your gear. You can also use Evernote to collect material from the Internet or shoot and store paper documents. All images are converted into text so you can search them.

Evernote Tutorial 2015 – Quick Start

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Silicon Power Armor A60 Rugged hard drive for your pocket

Silicon Power Armor A60 reviws

Silicon Power Armor A60 can withstand rain and assault, and performs well for a mechanical USB 3 hard drive. But is it worth the money?

It is in fact something so commonplace as an external hard drive to USB. The manufacturer named thus Silicon Power and Armor named entity because it is extra shock resistant.

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Asus Chromebox cheap mini-PC with Chrome OS

Asus Chromebox reviews

Asus Chromebox is simple and cheap computer running Google’s operating system, Chrome OS instead of Windows or Mac OS. Chromebook is the heir to the netbook and an alternative to both a price squeezed Windows computer and a tablet.

The cheapest, fastest and quietest
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