New technology enables you charge wirelessly no power cords

The wireless community is approaching – soon we can do most things without wires. Power cords, we are certainly not of even, but the future looks promising.

One of the most common annoyances are the common wires. The winds and adds tripped, and additionally collects dust at a rate that could lead one to believe that it is their main task. Today, there are techniques to transport the majority of signals between our gadgets without cables, and such as WiFi and Bluetooth are available in most homes. Continue reading…


The New Google Maps is here for iOS and Android

The New Google Maps

Google releases updated versions of Google Maps for iOS and Android that offers a whole new look.
Within a few days, you can download new versions of Google Maps for iOS and Android. The new versions offer according to Google a whole new look and the Android version has received the new interface “materials design”.

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Microsoft releases soon smartwatch

Microsoft smartwatch

New data argue that even Microsoft is now embarking on the game and will release a smart watch shortly.
Apple has done, several Androidtillverkare have done it, and now it seems that even Microsoft wants to launch a smartwatch. In a report by Forbes, Microsoft plans to show off a smartwatch within a couple of weeks.
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