Benefits to invest in Unified Storage

What is unified storage

With some adjustments in your system, you can win a lot of Unified Storage, and we’ll explain why.

With a single storage systems – so-called Unified Storage – got many advantages. Foremost is that any storage of data centers can be managed in the same way: Traditional virtualized machines, cloud ditto, standalone servers, and standard file access running on the same storage with the same admin interface.
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The cashless society is the Future – here are the reasons

cashless world

In fifteen years, it may be out of circulation, with the current rate of improvement. There are good reasons for that.

And the day came new figures showing that the challenge for cash hardens. Now use one of three smartphone users their phone to make payments, Just in 2014 doubled that figure.

We are used to purchase services and products via the internet and rely also on the safety systems work. The launch of the banks free service for mobile payments has naturally driven the development. Continue reading…