Five trends that are currently changing our work

Mobile working The future of work

The world of work is changing rapidly. Mobile working has quickly become almost a necessity in many industries, and several other technological developments now changing our work habits forever. Continue reading…


Charge your mobile via WiFi wireless energy

WiFi wireless energy

To not only download data but also charge your phone’s battery directly through wifi may sound like a distant sci-fi dream. But researchers believe the technology could soon be here.

The dream of wireless energy is far from new, but those who want to recharge mobile without cable today is obliged to do it on the closest ridiculous short distance listed in millimeters rather than meters. Now say seven researchers at the University of Washington that they have developed a technology which they call the world’s first system for charging via wireless network.
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Google does tweets more visible in search results

Tweets more visible in search results

A search of the US Google now provides the tweets directly from the results list. The service reaches more countries in the next months.
Yesterday, Google launched and Twitter partnered to bring more real-time events in the search results. Relevant and popular tweets to appear directly in the flow.

The service is so far only for mobile users in the US, but will be launched on computers and in more countries in the coming months.
Popping up when Searching with hashtags on google
Searches with #hashtag gives greater chance of tweets popping up among the results, but it’t Twitter-friendly . Examples lifted search string “NASA” which, of course, is enough to evoke tweets.


Hanbalyo Sanadguuradii 24aad ee Somaliland

Marka hore waxaanu halkan salaan iyo hambalyo ku beegan 18ka May uga diraynaa dhamaan Shacabka, Xukuumadda iyo Golayaasha Jumhuuriyadda Somaliland.
Waxaanan leenahay, “Ku waara NABAD IYO CAANO”.

Heeso aan idiin soo xulnay oo u gaara dabaal-dega Sanadguurada 24aad 18ka May, halkan hoose ka dhagayso ama ka soo dejiso. Long Life SOMALILAND.

Somaliland 18May