Allo Now Google’s new chat app loaded

With new chat app Allo give Google into the game seriously. Obviously it is not just about writing messages without the app also uses machine learning, and are closely tied to other Google services.
Last summer, Google released the video calling service Duo and now begins the chat service Allo rolled out across the world – for both Android and iPhone. Continue reading…


Microsoft wants to provide you paid to surf the Edge

Edge reward system

Testing a reward system in which those who use the browser gets bonus points that can be redeemed for gift cards.
Edge was not save for Microsoft as the frantic pace is bleeding market share to Chrome. Now try the giant reverse the loss by rewarding those who surf with Edge.
In the US, Microsoft will shortly relaunch Bing Rewards Microsoft Rewards, a rewards program that gives points for every hour, up to 30 hours a month, as the user surfs the Edge.
The points can then be exchanged them for gift cards at various online retailers or the Microsoft services. Continue reading…


5 Alternatives browser that challenges Chrome

Chrome Alternatives

Are you tired of being watched by Google and Microsoft? Here are five alternative browsers.

Best with extensions
The browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer has long dominated the market. Because they are pre-installed running many them out of habit. But there are interesting options. Challenger Firefox, for example, attracts thousands of smart addition that gives the browser more functions. Continue reading…


Classic Shell Brings Back Windows 7 Classic Menu

Do you miss the good old Start menu from Windows 7 but want to keep everything new in Windows 10? How can you get a more old-fashioned menu.

Classic Start Menu

Not everyone is happy with the changes in Windows 10 – and we mean not only Microsoft’s aggressive marketing. For the same reason that many users kept Windows 7 when Windows 8 and 8.1 was released, there are still dislike the Start menu in Windows 10 (even though they are happy that at least it’s back).

Would you return to a more traditional Start menu in the style of Windows 7, or even Windows XP, you can test the software Classic Shell. It is free, but the developers are asking for donations from satisfied users. Continue reading…