Videoconference with Slack and Skype

Microsoft integrates Skype into the hyped communication platform Slack.

Slack has become a cherished communications platform for many companies. The only catch is that the program has lacked support for voice and video chat – but now himself the Microsoft remedy it. Continue reading…


Here are the top 5 coolest gadgets in 2015

Coolest gadgets in 2015

Technology Year 2015 is about to end and this is the year’s five coolest gadgets through the years.

5. Bebop Parrot Drone – really simple and competent

The drones come in more and more shapes and during the year we have seen everything from inexpensive mini models to a brand new model from the DJI (Phantom 3). But the coolest is the company Parrot. They have succeeded in developing a model that can easily control from your tablet, and smart imaging film soft panoramic images. It is a competent entry-level machine that makes flying easy out of the box. Continue reading…


Tracker Mapper now you can see who is tracking you online

Tracker Mapper See who is tracking you online

The Finnish security company F-Secure announced Tracker Mapper, a tool that visually and in real time, showing who is trying to track your activities on the Internet. The tool is an addition to F-Secure’s popular VPN and Tracking Protection Freedome.

Tracker Mapper was developed to meet the demand of users of Freedome to see what tracking attempts blocked by the program. Continue reading…